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Dymatec Launches New P20W Blade

Wednesday, July 11th, 2018

Dymatec launches P20W, a new version of bestselling P20 tracksaw blade with even longer life.

July 2018 – Dymatec, a leading manufacturer and provider of specialist products for the diamond drilling and concrete cutting industries, has launched a new and improved version of its bestselling P20 diamond tracksaw blade, the P20W.

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The brand new P20W is still the fastest cutting tracksaw blade on the market and now lasts significantly longer. Designed exclusively by Dymatec in response to customer demand, the P20W is now one of the leading tracksaw blades available to diamond drilling and concrete cutting contractors.

Jeremy Newton is Managing Director of Dymatec, he said: “Dymatec’s new P20W is an exciting new addition to our range of high quality diamond drilling and cutting consumables. The P20 has held the title of the bestselling tracksaw blade in the UK in recent years and we are delighted to now also offer an improved version to deliver even better results for customers.

“Blades are one of our most popular lines and we are constantly looking at ways to improve the performance of our products.

“With the P20W we have ensured it continues to be the fastest cutting blade on the market and our design changes mean it now lasts even longer. Plus, the P20W is available at the same price as the P20 and we expect this product to be in high demand.”



The P20W is available in a range of diameters up to and including 2200mm (86″) and varying thicknesses, and is available to purchase now.

To find out more about the P20W and place an order, please visit www.dymatecuk.com or call 01582 599933.


Brand new Concrete Slot Drain cutting system has potential to transform industry

Thursday, April 12th, 2018

Dymatec and Extrudakerb have joined forces to develop a brand-new cutting system that safely and efficiently cuts sections of Slipform Concrete Slot Drain that are removed to facilitate follow on process.

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Dymatec, which manufactures and supplies diamond drilling and concrete cutting machinery and consumables, has co-engineered a brand new bespoke Wire Saw with Extrudakerb, specialists in the design and construction of Slipform concrete products.

Working together, both Dymatec and Extrudakerb have developed a unique system using Dymatec’s 110v Wire Saw, which significantly reduces cutting time per cut compared to conventional methods. Extrudakerb have designed and manufactured all the framework, pulley system and a new clamping mechanism, which coupled to Dymatec’s 110v Wire Saw makes this machine unique in the concrete cutting world.

The new system automates the previous manual process, which involved operators cutting slot drains 700mm x 700mm by hand using a diamond chainsaw. Due to the nature of the activity, this process carried risk to the operator, and limited the time the operator could spend cutting due to hand arm vibration.

As well as limitations in terms of time and safety, the process was also expensive due to the high cost of the diamond chain and the frequency at which they would need to be replaced.

Dymatec and Extrudakerb’s brand new system can be used with no down time, considerably shortening the time to cut the concrete slot drains, whilst providing a perfect perpendicular cut every time.

The new system is such a success, that Extrudakerb has built a total of three bespoke machines, all designed to work with Dymatec’s unique Wire Saw, with the two companies committing to a long-term agreement to continue employing their new system on future projects.

Ext Picture 5IMG-20180122-WA0006

Jeremy Newton, Managing Director of Dymatec, said: “This bespoke new system developed by Dymatec and Extrudakerb is a breakthrough in Concrete slot drain cutting with significant potential to transform the industry.

“The advantages are huge; cutting time has been reduced and the automated process means that extrusion can be ongoing, without the need for exposure breaks, when compared to an equivalent manual operation such as concrete chain saw cutting. I am extremely proud of Dymatec’s dedicated team, particularly our Sales Manager David Hibbert, who has worked tirelessly with Extrudakerb to develop our brand-new Wire Saw which has completely revolutionized this process.

“Dymatec is delighted to be working with Extrudakerb on an ongoing basis and we look forward to further developing the system and improving efficiencies in slot drain cutting.”

James Charlesworth, Managing Director of Extrudakerb, said: “We have seen phenomenal results using our new system developed in conjunction with Dymatec. To reduce cutting time, coupled with the obvious Health and Safety benefits, is an extraordinary achievement which is dramatically reducing the time spent on projects. When Dymatec approached us with their new bespoke Wire Saw technology we set to work developing a machine that would eventually eradicate the need for costly diamond chainsaws and make the whole process more safe, fast and efficient.

“We firmly believe this has the potential to revolutionize the concrete slot drain cutting industry, and we are liaising closely with the relevant authorities with a view to rolling out the machines nationwide.”

Dymatec and Extrudakerb’s system is currently being used as part of a 44000m slipform concrete slot drain Highways England (Kier) project on the M6, junctions 16-19. The scheme currently has 3 Wire Saws in operation with plans to utilize the machines on all of Extrudakerb’s concrete slot drain projects.

Stephen Lee Group Lean Manager for Extrudakerb said, in summary the level of innovation achieved by both Dymatec and Extrudakerb has given the concrete cutting world a better quality and efficient option that ensures the safety of the people undertaking the process, This effort will continue to strive for market leading excellence.

For more information on Dymatec and Extrudakerb, visit www.dymatecuk.com and www.extrudakerb.com.

New Reciprocating Saw Blades

Thursday, February 1st, 2018

New from Dymatec, Reciprocating Saw Blades for demolition and strip out

Designed to cut quickly and precisely through wood, metal, plastic and other construction materials are Dymatec’s new Reciprocating Saw Blades. Ideal for demolition and strip out jobs, our hardwearing blades are available in two lengths, 200mm and 300mm, and in boxes of 25 or 500.

Dymatec’s Recip blades offer unparalleled performance on a range of materials, providing flexibility and versatility for the most demanding of demolition work.

To order Dymatec’s new Reciprocating Saw Blades, call 01582 599 933 or email sales@dymatecuk.com.

Recip saw blades

Drilling In The Fast Lane

Monday, December 18th, 2017

Diamond Drill Bits Go Turbo

Faster drilling, smoother cutting and a longer life are just some of the benefits of Dymatec’s proven range of Turbo Coredrills.

The Turbo Diamond Coredrills are designed to cut through the toughest of materials, making fast work of reinforced concrete and flint aggregate, without slowing down.

Commenting on its range of diamond coredrills, Vaughn Newton, Business Development Manager at Dymatec, said: “Hundreds of our customers now rely on the Turbo Coredrill range for superior performance to ensure each contract is completed within schedule and on budget.

“The Turbo B® Core is the most popular in the range for medium aggregate and limestone, designed for fast cutting and longer life and is currently getting best results in the USA Mid West, and UK Midlands.

“The Turbo S® Core thrives on drilling through steel and very hard aggregates, and is the first choice for drilling in London, Paris and some of the south eastern states of the US.”

Turbo S


New Chemical Resin Anchoring Systems

Thursday, August 31st, 2017

Dymatec have successfully launched a complete new range of Chemical Resin Anchoring Systems.

This includes:

– Chemical Resin

– Threaded Bar, up to M36

– Dustless SDS Max Drill Bits

– And much more! 

Please contact us on 01582 599933 or sales@dymatecuk.com for more information.

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The NEW Turbo S®

Tuesday, March 29th, 2016

Turbo S Advert 1

Turbo X® Core – “All the best diamonds are wrapped in gold”

Friday, January 15th, 2016

Dymatec Turbo X Corecut out

The ALL NEW Turbo X® Coredrills are performing extremely well in heavy reinforced concrete, giving consistently smooth, fast cutting through steel throughout the entire lifetime of the Coredrill.


Friday, January 15th, 2016


600-40E Floorsaw

Self propelled

Direct drive or 4 speed gearbox available!

Heavy duty 1/4′ steel frame fully welded

High Frequency Chain Saw – CS6300

Friday, January 15th, 2016


The new versatile high frequency chainsaw that also runs from our PP1100 Powerpack. The bar and chain is quick and easy to install, and the excellent build quality and simple design means that the service intervals are over 200 hours!

High Frequency Ringsaw – RS400

Friday, January 15th, 2016


Our new robust and powerful High Frequency Ringsaw that runs from our PP1100 Powerpack!

High Frequency Powerpack – PP1100

Friday, January 15th, 2016


PP1100 High Frequency Power Pack

Just what your looking for………A lightweight and high performance pack that powers all of our High Frequency handsaw ranges!  This small water-cooled power pack works up to a massive 11kW and has been designed to withstand the environments that it will be working in.This can be run on both 3 phase and single phase power.

High Frequency Pre-Cut Saw – HS4500

Friday, January 15th, 2016









Our new High Frequency Pre-Cut Saw!

New Battery Powered Site Water Container

Monday, January 19th, 2015

At Dymatec we are proud to remain at the fore front of the diamond drilling industry with constantly evolving innovative products, and this time we are pleased to announce the launch of our on site fully portable battery powered water supply tank.

  • No more pumping.
  • No more under powered water flow to your equipment.
  • No more carrying water around site.
  • Big wheels that will comfortably ride over rubble and other site materials.
  • 35 Litres instead of 10 Litres.