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Drilling In The Fast Lane

Diamond Drill Bits Go Turbo

Faster drilling, smoother cutting and a longer life are just some of the benefits of Dymatec’s proven range of Turbo Coredrills.

The Turbo Diamond Coredrills are designed to cut through the toughest of materials, making fast work of reinforced concrete and flint aggregate, without slowing down.

Commenting on its range of diamond coredrills, Vaughn Newton, Business Development Manager at Dymatec, said: “Hundreds of our customers now rely on the Turbo Coredrill range for superior performance to ensure each contract is completed within schedule and on budget.

“The Turbo B® Core is the most popular in the range for medium aggregate and limestone, designed for fast cutting and longer life and is currently getting best results in the USA Mid West, and UK Midlands.

“The Turbo S® Core thrives on drilling through steel and very hard aggregates, and is the first choice for drilling in London, Paris and some of the south eastern states of the US.”

Turbo S