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Dymatec moves into new, larger premises to support continued growth

Tuesday, May 29th, 2018

Spilling at the seams after 18 years in its Luton-based premises, Dymatec found itself in urgent need of new premises to accommodate recent years of significant expansion. So, with plenty of thought and careful consideration, Dymatec at last claimed Units 11-14 – Cemetery Road in Houghton Regis, Bedfordshire. Being ideal for so many reasons we just couldn’t wait to make the move and settle in.

First things started slowly. Stock items were the first to go. Blade by blade, core by core, box by box, our products were beginning to make their way across to Houghton Regis. Small gaps were appearing here and there but everything still looked the same.


However, it was not too many weeks before Dymatec Luton started decreasing in slightly bigger chunks. Some key members of our workshop team moved their work to the bigger premises, and some larger storage items such as containers also went on their way.



The pace quickened as more van loads of equipment were disappearing from Luton in a more regular fashion.


But the whirlwind totally struck when the remaining workshop and office crew put all hands on deck to move the rest of the machinery and stock in just one evening. Business closed as usual one sunny Monday evening – but Dymatec did not go home. Like a switch being flicked, the entire offices were folded up before our very eyes. Taken to the new premises, they seemed to be unfolded just as miraculously. Tuesday morning happened like every other Dymatec morning – just a new postcode and new coffee machine (we get our priorities right here at Dymatec).

Did business stop while all this was going on? Never. Customers come first, even at the most significant stages in progression as a company. Our new premises have so many benefits and there can be no doubt these benefits will surely be passed on to our customers.

Racking that used to loom so large in our warehouse, now drowns in the hugeness of the space. Containers that used up so many vital parking spaces, have now become like small cardboard boxes tucked away out of site. Workshop technicians that had struggled for space to even get their work done can now barely see each other from one side of the workshop to the other.


Our new expanse of space means we can cater for your needs as a customer, with much greater ease. For starters, we can hold more stock; new procedures have already helped to speed up some of our order processes; and we have better facilities to house more equipment and machinery – vital for developing our products to ensure they continue to perform the best in the market.

The new premises truly became ours when new, fresh signage blasted our name into Houghton Regis.


The gates were shut behind us on our old building; we only have the future in our vision; as we seek to utterly fulfil our potential in our new premises. And, big changes are still afoot, as great plans for new offices and better space utilisation are materialising week by week. So keep your eyes peeled as we reveal the wonderful new transformations.

We can’t wait to welcome all of our customers to our New Dymatec, and prove how this big leap in our company history can only be a change for the better.

Here is our new address:

Units 11-14 Cemetery Road

Houghton Regis




And please do not hesitate to give us a call on 01582 599933 or email us at sales@dymatecuk.com with any enquiries.