Diamond Cores

SDF Diamond Core Drills

Following the successful launch of our SDF X Diamond core drills, we have now added the SDF S and SDF H to our range. These core drills offer exceptional tool life and cutting speeds. Due to the layering of Diamond within the segment, they give consistent performance throughout the entire life of the drill. Together with an incredibly smooth cut, and the knowledge that he SDF core drills will not slow down when you hit heave reinforcement bares or flint aggregate, you can be assured you have the perfect product for every applications.

SDF products are made to outperform, and they don’t fail to impress.


ENDURA Diamond Core Drills

Our Endura range of Diamond core drills have been created to perform in all applications, with both long life, and a fast cut version, giving versatility and dependability from yet another product range from Dymatec.

Although this does not have the benefits of the SDF technology, we take pride in the fact that the Diamond/powder mix is carried out to an extremely high level, ensuring a fair and even distribution of the Diamond particles throughout the segment, for consistent results, and with the added benefit of a rooftop design they provide a quick start to drilling in any material.


All products come as standard with a 1 1/4″ UNC back end, but other fittings are available from stock, as well as other diameters, and lengths up to 2000mm, and any special requests are made to order.

We offer a same day or next day re-tipping service on all barrels in a re-usable condition.