DymaFix Anchoring Technology

DF-200 is our most popular chemical resin anchor. It is a bonded anchoring system for anchoring into solid substrates, and has been developed for fast curing on high load and critical applications including wet conditions or overhead use.

Suitable for applications in:

  • Wet holes and flooded, underwater applications
  • Cracked and non-cracked concrete
  • Critical applications
  • Close to edge applications where mechanical anchors could cause cracking
  • High loads with fast curing time
  • Confined spaces and indoors as this is free from styrene
  • Concrete, brick, wood, and other high strength materials

Approvals list:

  • ETA Option 7 (non-cracked concrete) – M8 to M24
  • ETA Option 1 (cracked concrete) – M10 to M20
  • ETA TR023 (post installed rebar) – 8 to 32mm
  • Fire resistance certificate
  • DTA seismic certificate for rebar
  • VOC (volatile organic content): A+ rating

Variations available as follows:

  • Winter grade to speed up the setting time
  • Tropical grade to slow down the setting time

Please click to download: DF-200 Technical Data Sheet