DymaFix Anchoring Technology

DF-100 is an economical styrene free polyester resin anchor for load bearing anchoring applications in non-cracked concrete. Suitable for fixing bolts, threaded rods/bars, posts etc. into any solid substrates, and can also be used in hollow substrates with either a nylon or metal perforated sleeve.

Suitable for applications in:

  • Non-cracked concrete
  • Close to edge applications where mechanical anchors could cause cracking
  • Medium loads with fast curing time
  • Remedial wall ties in brick or blockwork
  • Confined spaces and indoors as this is free from styrene
  • Concrete, brick, hollow wall, masonry and other high strength materials
  • Fast working times for time sensitive applications

Approvals list:

  • ETA option 7 (non-cracked concrete) – M8 to M16
  • ETAG 029 (hollow wall/masonry) – M8 to M12
  • VOC (volatile organic content): A+ rating

Please click to download: DF-100 Technical Data Sheet