Diamond Chainsaws

Diamond chainsaws enable you to make deeper, cleaner, and more accurate cuts fast. Deeper cuts and square corners enable the job to be done more efficiently. No more trying to match up cuts from both sides; no more impact tools that risk damage to the surrounding material; no more over-cutting corners. Cut deep. Cut fast. Cut all the way through from one side.
These chainsaws can be used for cutting concrete, masonry, brick, block and stone, and are wet cut only to increase chain life, and for better dust suppression.
With no kickback from the chain, these saws, unlike conventional wood chainsaws, allow you to plunge the nose of the bar straight in to the material to be cut.

• Deep cuts (up to 750mm/30inch)
• Square corners (no overcuts)
• Tight spaces
• Single-side access
• No set up time
• Small holes
• Lightweight & portable
• Time savings
• No rotational “kickback” (grinding vs. chipping)