DymaFix Anchoring Technology

DF-150 is an epoxy acrylate resin anchor for high load bearing, and heavy duty structural anchoring applications in non-cracked concrete. Primarily used for the fixing of starter bars, threaded bars, studs and dowels.

Suitable for applications in:

  • Damp or wet holes
  • Non-cracked concrete
  • Close to edge applications where mechanical anchors could cause cracking
  • Medium to high loads with fast curing time
  • Confined spaces and indoors as this is free from styrene
  • Concrete, brick, wood, and other high strength materials

Approvals list:

  • ETA option 7 (non-cracked concrete) – M8 to M16
  • VOC (volatile organic content): A+ rating
  • ETA option 7 (non-cracked concrete) – 8 to 16mm rebar

Please click to download: DF-150 Technical Data Sheet

Base Material Temperature Working Time Curing Time
30°C 3 min 20 min
25°C 4 min 30 min
20°C 6 min 45 min
10°C 12 min 1 hr 30 min
5°C 15 min 2 hr
0°C 25 min 3 hr
Part Number Description
CRT/DF150/400DF-150 Epoxy Acrylate SF Chemical Resin, 400ml Cartridge